Getting Organized This Year!

A new year, a new month, a good time for making changes.

I didn’t used to like the month of January. It seemed sad to put all of the Christmas decorations away and know that there were no more parties, or frequent house guests of visiting friends and family.

Then one January, after neatly packing my Christmas treasures away, I realized that something had changed, it was me.

I realized how much I like things to be organized, and the month of January began to take on a whole new meaning for me. The house didn’t seem empty of decorations but felt clean and clutter free. I spent a lot of time in November and December decorating, cooking, cleaning up, going to parties, purchasing presents, wrapping presents, more cleaning, and eating (all of which I somehow made the time to do). Now, in every new year, every January, I like to take time to plan and organize a new project.

It is fun to improve the way things look, feel or function at home. It makes me feel that there is order and that I have accomplished something. This January we have decided that we need more space for our clothes (not mine, my husband’s!).

Luckily, we have the space to add some additional hanging areas to our dressing room. We are going to add an island of hanging space.

Being able to see the clothes in an island is going to make getting dressed even more challenging (I can never decide what to wear). Lighting the inside of an island is difficult. We don’t want any cords that can be tripped on, and we do not want to pull up our floors. There is a solution! Hafele makes a battery operated light that can be mounted inside the hanging space, it has an integrated motion detector (no need to turn the light on or off) and the batteries are rechargeable. These nifty little lights can go anywhere that you need light!

So, my planning is complete. I look forward to the implementation. Maybe I will finally be able to convince my husband to stop using wire hangers!

There are so many great products now for organizing your stuff!

Happy planning!!