What is Tung Oil Cabinetry?

When our Quality Custom Cabinetry representative came to visit us last week I was amazed at what he pulled out of his bag.  It was a gorgeous, 1” thick walnut cabinet door that looked like something my grandfather would have lovingly made. 

Naturally, I was amazed by the luster and beauty before my eyes. However, I learned that others may love the finish option of tung oil because of what it does NOT have in it – chemicals.

Tung Oil – Completely natural and renewable, tung oil has gained recent popularity among the environmentally conscious.

The Tung Tree – origin China, small deciduous tree that grows up to 40 feet tall with smooth bark and a branchy head. Its leaves are heart shaped (The Chinese word for heart is tung), dark green and glossy with blades 3-13 inches wide. The tung tree has flowers that range in size from 1-3 inches in diameter with petals that are white tinged with red and yellow. Each nut or fruit contains 3-7 large seeds.

Tung oil is the optimal way to preserve wood while revealing its gorgeous color and alluring luster. It provides a rich, hand-rubbed patina that enhances a wood’s grain and brings out its inherent beauty.  The oil penetrates deep into the pores of the wood forming a bond from within. This penetrating feature gives the wood an “open pore” appearance that is desired by those seeking a natural-looking wood.  It is elegant and modern but also rustic at the same time.

Tung oil is the first choice for many wood floor specialists, furniture makers, antique restorers and craftsmen because of the genuine old-world presence and distinctive character it provides.

Tung Oil Facts:

  • Natural product
  • Renewable resource
  • Environmentally sound (contains few additives and is less processed than most finishes
  • Lower VOC than lacquer and varnishes
  • Cures by absorbing oxygen (rather than by evaporating solvents and leaving a binder
  • Few people are allergic or sensitive to tung oil
  • Turns from a liquid into a solid when exposed to oxygen (does not require drying agents)


At the Washington Kitchen Gallery we believe in meeting the need of our customers.  We offer the environmentally safe finish “PURe – tung oil” on our Quality Custom Cabinetry.

If this is a product you want to learn more about, contact us and come in and see it!

It is great to work with a company that thinks about what people are looking for.  The beauty of the product is just another plus.  Hope you like it as much as me!!