Our tile division is known as R. Ganassa Tile Co., Inc. This is where the original business started over 50 years ago, and we are proud to still be in the business. We work on commercial applications and large-scale residential projects. Our capability knows no limits.

Coordination: We Work on Your Schedule

prj-sf-watergateInstalling a new tile floor in a public business is a challenge. Shutting down isn’t an option, so you have to coordinate every step of the process with the general contractor to minimize disruptions. With more than fifty years experience our installers are experts at scheduling and coordination so a business can still function. Whatever it takes to insure your business stays up and running AND gets a great new floor in the process.

Timing Really IS Everything

Delays and rescheduling are among the biggest headaches for a customer with a commercial project. In fact, it’s one of the biggest fears they have going into a project. Being able to stay on schedule minimizes disruptions and keeps productivity losses to a manageable (and anticipated) level.

We know how crucial this is. That’s why R. Ganassa Tile, Co. can make an ironclad promise: if your installation is scheduled for Tuesday the 27th, it’s going to be done on Tuesday, the 27th.

How can we be so sure?

All the resources we need to do your job are in-house. We are located in Ijamsville, MN and serve the entire state of Maryland and the Washington, DC Metro area. We don’t have to depend on anyone outside our company to do your job. The day before your scheduled installation, our own master installers make sure all the tools and materials we need are loaded and ready to go. Being prepared and arriving on-time has a big impact on quality, too. When we get your jobsite, our focus is on your job and your job only.


Craftsmanship: The Mark of a Great Installation

HEIGHTSInstalling a marble or other natural stone tile floor takes more than just labor: it takes the kind of craftsmanship that comes with experience. We are blessed to have a team of craftsmen on our staff with years of experience dealing with the intricacies of a commercial flooring project. To them it’s not just work, it’s a work of art, a point of personal pride and accomplishment.

Utilizing a combination of the latest computer-aided, cutting (CNC) technology and precision, hand-craftsmanship throughout the installation process, we’re able to create beautiful, durable and easy to maintain tile floors for nearly any kind of public or private space.


Care and Maintenance

Ford_Theater_BaseSpills occur and sometimes we’ll get phone calls as to how to refinish marble flooring. Or, the granite countertop got damaged in some way. What can we do? While we don’t specialize in the marble maintenance business, the good news is you can usually salvage what you have. In that way, tile is a lot like hardwood flooring: it can normally always be repaired. Tile and marble can be milled down ever so slightly to bring the shine back up.

It’s also very important to use the right kind of materials in the right locations. Certain kinds of marble shouldn’t be used as flooring because they’re soft and do not wear well in high traffic areas. We always give our clients honest, straightforward advice on all the materials we sell, so they can make the right decision for their particular situation.