Ron Ganassa



Ron (co-owner) has been in the tile & dimensional stone business all of his adult life. Ron focuses on commercial and residential projects integrating tile work and dimensional stone. If there is a tile question you have of any kind, there is no one better to ask than Ron.

Joey Ganassa


Joey has been in the family business for 10 years. He remembers the days when all he did was clean up around the shop. Today, he has a hand in a little bit of everything. Expect to meet him when you come out and he will help you select your stone! He also manages the schedule, so do your best to win him over and he’ll make sure you get a good install date. Joey also is the in-house IT man, so expect him to have all the latest gadgets. If you come to the shop and you walk by his office, don’t be surprised to hear loud rock music playing.

Teri Yanoski



Teri has been working at Washington Marble for almost 10 years. She is the one you will most likely talk to first about your stone project. Teri is the best. She can answer any question you have about anything, especially when it comes to matching colors and sinks. There is no one better to guide you throughout the process. She also has a dog named Bella who seems like a real handful.

Sam Poonai

Lead Estimator


Sam estimates of all of our commercial jobs. He expertly skilled in AutoCAD, Bluebeam, and tons of other programs I don’t even know the name of. Sam is great fun in the office and still somehow manages to get everything done on time. He shares an office with Jim and you can often find the two in a fight over who has the best CAD program.

Jim Velke

Lead CNC Programmer


Jim has the most elaborate computer setup of all of us with two monitors and remote software giving him the ability to monitor and control the CNC machines from his office. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find him down in the shop getting his hands dirty. He also assists with the CNC operations and finds ways to improve the quality and efficiency of the process. Little known fact: Jim is an inventor and holds several dozen Patents related to commercial Lawnmowers. Most notably, Jim is credited for starting the trend in 1989 of mowing while riding standing up with his invention the Velke sulky, a one wheeled stand-on trailer that attaches to the rear of any commercial walk-behind lawnmower. That led to another of his inventions, the stand-on mower, eliminating the need for a stand on an attachment. Many of his inventions are licensed to several well known companies such as John Deere, Toro, Hustler, Ariens/Gravely, etc.

Jim demonstrating the Velke Sulky and Velke mower

Jim demonstrating his Segway Legsteer invention

Jim demonstrating his Segway duel rider concept

Angie Joy

Kitchen Designer


Jose “Pepe” Cruz

Shop Manager


Pepe has been with us for almost 14 years. He started out working in the shop and has since become our lead installer. He is extremely careful and pays attention to every detail. You want no one else installing your stone.

Rick Shipp

Lead Bridge Saw Operator


Rick has been working with us for over 15 years and is the one you will meet to do your layouts. He is also fantastic at matching the stone and making sure all the veins flow together. He is the reason we don’t need fancy digital software to do that!

Juan Gonzalez



Juan has also been with us for almost 14 years and works with Pepe as his partner every day. Besides being the strongest man in the company he also has the best arm and can throw an insane fastball. When your countertop has a seam Juan is the best at putting them together: expect not to see it.

Raphael Garcia

Lead Polisher


We certainly don’t want to give the impression that last is the worst place to be on this list. Raphael has been with us for almost 10 years (see a trend?) and we affectionately refer to him as “Picasso.” Natural stone is not a perfect product, but Raphael has the ability to make it sure seem that way. Maybe one day we’ll convince him to participate in the Fabricator Olympics.